What is the treatment overview?

The treatment is centered on the application of non-toxic EPA registered antimicrobial followed by an application of an FDA approved long lasting enhanced cleaner that eliminates food and host sources for pathogens.

Horizontal and selected vertical surfaces are sprayed approximately twelve inches above surfaces. The spray remains in the air above the treated area for approximately one minute before it settles completely on the treated surface and becomes invisible to the eye. The treatment does not stain or leave a visible residue.

This treatment is used in combination with custom designed sprayers, and state of the art application methodologies. Included is the scientific measurement of selected surfaces taken before and after treatment to detect the presence of contaminants including allergens, bacteria, fungus, or mold. A statement indicating the results of the pre and post treatment analysis is included with the treatment, and left with each department for future reference, and if necessary, recurring treatment.

How long does the treatment take?

AmeriClean technicians can treat up to 100,000 square feet in an eight hour shift with a two person team. Special circumstances may require additional time, and we can readily expand our crew.

What are the treatment steps?

  1. AmeriClean will provide a quote for your facility, and discuss any special considerations
  2. The technician will provide a contract for signature, and a copy is left with the facility manager.
  3. The technician will arrive at the appointed time and quickly rehearse the treatment steps and survey the facility prior to beginning treatment.
  4. The technician will then take pre-treatment measurements with a luminometer and record the readings which typically occur once for every 2,000 square feet of facility.
  5. The application of a non-toxic biocide will be applied to all vertical surfaces.
  6. The biocide application is then followed by applying a long lasting, enhanced cleaner to surface treat the surfaces by removing food and host sources for pathogens.
  7. A post-treatment luminometer test will be conducted at the same locations as the pre-treatment test sites. The data is recorded and reviewed with the facility manager.

What products are used?

AmeriClean uses state of the art products for the elimination of pathogens called Thymol™ which is a naturally occurring biocide based on the herb thyme. AmeriClean then applies a layer of FDA approved titanium dioxide called Prevnt™ which has many decades of use, is non-toxic, odor free, and safe for children, pets, and plants.

How often should my facility be treated?

Generally we recommend sanitizing once per calendar quarter. However, every facility is unique in terms of severity and recurrence of pathogens. Simply put, if humans use an area the area becomes contaminated from skin and aerial contact. Incorporating luminometers allows for fact based decisions which can guide facility managers in how often the two step treatment should recur. AmeriClean also offers a product called TouchPoint which is intended for use in spray bottles for high tough areas such as door knobs, desk tops, phones, key boards, and similar.

How does my business prepare for the treatment?

An AmeriClean technician will meet with your project administrator to detail the treatment. Typically, very little, if anything needs to be prepared for the treatment. We ask that desks and other working surfaces are tidied up in order for the treatment to attach to all surfaces instead of items which may be removed from treated areas.

Is there any risk to electronic equipment, papers, plants, or other materials?

No; the treatment involves the spraying of non-toxic microscopic sized particles which do not alter surfaces, papers, plants, electronics, writing surfaces such as chalk or felt pen boards, or similar. AmeriClean has successfully treated millions of square feet in over 130 facilities without damage to electronics, paper, plants, or other surfaces.

How soon can we use the spaces after treatment?

Ten minutes; if an individual is highly sensitive to non-toxic materials, 45 minutes is sufficient.

What if I don't know how many square feet are in my facility?

The AmeriClean technician will bring a laser range finder, to establish measurements. Maintenance staff often know the square footage of a facility and can be a good source for that information.

There is a UV light treatment competitive solution to AmeriClean's treatments. What are the UV light treatment pro's and con's?

UV Light Pro's

  • Does not leave a residue or stain
  • Does not use chemicals
  • Is not potentially dangerous to the user

UV Light Con's

  • The AmeriClean treatment is far more effective than UV light
  • UV is EPA registered only as 99% pathogen reduction; fogging machines have 99.9999% reduction
  • UV light is not effective in areas where the light is shaded
  • Effectiveness of UV light varies by species of fungus, bacteria, or virus
  • Effectiveness of UV light greatly reduced if too much speed is used or distance to surfaces too great
  • Risk of cross-contamination from transporting pathogens between areas
  • Expensive compared to other disinfection methods