Sanitize, Protect, Prevent

AmeriClean was the response to the need for a company to provide disinfectant services during the initial onset of the global Coronavirus pandemic in March of 2020. A subdivision of AmeriTech, a company that has solved problems for the working men and women of Wyoming for 50 years, AmeriClean responded when our customers asked for a sanitation solution to fighting Covid-19. Our team of engineers and fabricators conceived of and assembled a prototype disinfectant sprayer to be used in all ranges of professional settings from small offices to large warehouses.
We were able to research and secure an EPA approved disinfectant solution that not only killed the virus on contact, but continued to protect any treated facility surfaces for up to 90 days. With the right tools we set out to treat our customers facilities during the early days of the quarantine. Before long our community came calling and we expanded our services and coverage to include local government properties, school districts, restaurants, churches, grocery stores, utility companies, health offices, public transportation, law enforcement, financial offices, museums, courthouses and more. By the end of the Summer we had treated over 120 buildings and 2.2 million square feet of property in our county and the demand for our services continue to grow. Contact us today to see how we can help you too.